Happy Snap Covid 19 Guidelines

As an event – related services providing photo booth to big events and big crowds, Photo Booth Owners/ Operators and guests are susceptible to virus due to the group of people taking photos together.

Since the government re-opened businesses, we are now starting to get back into business but taking it slowly.

We at Happy Snap Photo Booth, to continue to serve you please take the necessary precautions for attending events and parties.


  • Wear a Face Covering
  • Please Observe Social Distancing, 6 ft apart, starting from the Photo Booth  up to the waiting line. 
  • Our photo booth is touchscreen and only the operator are required to press the button to take photos, please refrain from touching the touch monitor.
  • For Hygiene purposes, we are allowing the use of Stick signs and PVC Plastic signs only. Props like big sunglasses, hats, wigs, mustaches, and lips stick props are Not Permitted. 
  • We will provide table with Hand Sanitizer,  for cleaning the hands  and Disinfecting Wipes for cleaning the Props before and After use.
  • Limit only to group of  2-4 when taking photos, if possible group together from the same household.
  • Don’t come to the party  if you are sick. Please don’t compromise  other’s safety. 

If you booked an event this year and you are planning to cancel it, please call us early as possible and we will assist you if you want to reschedule your event. 

Thank you for your support and for continuously patronizing our business. We are all in this together,  please take care of each and stay safe at all times.

For more information about Covid 19 Safety in Michigan, please follow the link below.

COVID-19 Workplace Requirements for Public Accommodations

Event Planning Q and A during Covid 19

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