What Gadgets do we use in our Photo Booths?

Running a Photo Booth business is competitive; that’s why you need to update equipment and software and always come up with fresh ideas to improve your business. One example is the software upgrade; this is very important in running a photo booth; this is your business’s core. After upgrading it to the latest version, run the software in your photo booth a few days before your event, making sure the software is compatible with your computer applications, camera, and printer.

In our Photo Booths, we are using DSLR Canon Cameras, Alien Bees Flash, Photo Booth Software, DNP Printer, Touchscreen monitor, Lenovo PC, Adobe PhotoShop Elements for Template/Graphics Editing, Lightings for Green screen Backdrop and Extra camera cords, and Printer Cables.

On top of all these gadgets, prepare backup equipment for each one; it is all electronics; if a problem arises with your equipment during the event, at least you will have a replacement. Your clients are counting on you to have a fun day event; if your equipment malfunctions, you cannot do your event, and it will affect your business.

What to do with Leftover Turkey?

During Thanksgiving Day almost everyone cooks a lot to celebrate the season with family and friends, but for some families they just order carry out dinners to celebrate, especially if you’re just a husband and wife at home celebrating. It’s all good if you have a lot of guests and all the dishes you prepared we’ll be out and gone after the dinner, but usually it’s not like that. Oftentimes, we always have leftover turkey, and now what to do with all this turkey meat? 

Here are the smart ways to make use of your Turkey leftovers.

Slice the turkey meat and put them into ziplock or in an empty containers, refrigerate it or freeze it for later use when you come out with the recipe you would like to cook with that leftover. 

Portion the turkey meat, debone and don’t put all the leftover turkey meat in one container or ziplock, if you portion the meat it will be a lot easier for you to thaw , and you can use it separately depends on the recipe you can come up with.

I am not a chef so there’s no way I can come out with a new recipes, but in all my cooking needs, I mostly rely in my Taste of Home Cook book that I received as a wedding gift and have been using this for years, and for other recipes I mostly searched online. We have different taste buds so always modify the recipes according to your palate. 

So here’s the recipes you may want to cook for your turkey leftovers. 

  • Herbed Turkey Breast – Get the recipe here
  • Turkey Pot Pie – Get the recipe here
  • Citrus Turkey Tenderloin – Get recipe here
  • Turkey Pot Pie – Get recipe here
  • Almond Turkey Casserole – Get recipe here
  • Turkey Thanksgiving Sandwich – Get recipe here 
  • Turkey Casserole – Get recipe here 
  • Turkey Noodle Soup – Get recipe here 
  • Turkey Tetrazinni – Get recipe here 
  • Turkey Leftover and Stuffing Stuffed Peppers – Get recipe here 

Hopefully this will help you figure out what to cook for your Leftover,Turkey Let’s cook and stuff our tummy with delicious Turkey Leftover recipes.

What are we thankful for?

  • We are thankful to God for the gift of life everyday.
  • We are thankful to God for all his countless blessings, big and small.
  • We are thankful to God for giving us good health, so we can fulfill our daily tasks.
  • We are thankful to God for family and friends who’s always there for us, ready to embrace us especially in tough times.
  • We are thankful for the people who is no longer with us but still continue to inspire us through their legacy.

….. To everyone who’ve met who comforted, share their knowledge and hopes with us. We are grateful for you from the bottom of our hearts.

Happy Snap Covid 19 Guidelines

As an event – related services providing photo booth to big events and big crowds, Photo Booth Owners/ Operators and guests are susceptible to virus due to the group of people taking photos together.

Since the government re-opened businesses, we are now starting to get back into business but taking it slowly.

We at Happy Snap Photo Booth, to continue to serve you please take the necessary precautions for attending events and parties.


  • Wear a Face Covering
  • Please Observe Social Distancing, 6 ft apart, starting from the Photo Booth  up to the waiting line. 
  • Our photo booth is touchscreen and only the operator are required to press the button to take photos, please refrain from touching the touch monitor.
  • For Hygiene purposes, we are allowing the use of Stick signs and PVC Plastic signs only. Props like big sunglasses, hats, wigs, mustaches, and lips stick props are Not Permitted. 
  • We will provide table with Hand Sanitizer,  for cleaning the hands  and Disinfecting Wipes for cleaning the Props before and After use.
  • Limit only to group of  2-4 when taking photos, if possible group together from the same household.
  • Don’t come to the party  if you are sick. Please don’t compromise  other’s safety. 

If you booked an event this year and you are planning to cancel it, please call us early as possible and we will assist you if you want to reschedule your event. 

Thank you for your support and for continuously patronizing our business. We are all in this together,  please take care of each and stay safe at all times.

For more information about Covid 19 Safety in Michigan, please follow the link below.

COVID-19 Workplace Requirements for Public Accommodations

Event Planning Q and A during Covid 19

WeddingWire Couples` Choice Award 2017

winners-badgeOn behalf of our Happy Snap Photo Booth Team. We would like to thank our clients for continuously selecting our Photo Booth services for your special events.

The generous feedback which has been provided by our clients has greatly helped us to remain as one of the Top 5% Wedding Professionals. Thank you for giving us the 3 Years Consecutive Wedding wire Couples` Choice Award. Thank you for trusting us!

We Just Acquired a New Retro Mirror Photo Booth

Retro Mirror Booth_Happy Snap

We just acquired this New Retro Mirror Photo Booth, delivered before the end of 2018. Available now for rent for 2019 events.  Fun for wedding receptions, birthday parties, graduations and many more.

Features vibrant graphic animations with voice over and multi-touch interface. It takes amazing selfies and captures full length photos. You can print your awesome keepsakes and can be save and share online. Guests can use touch screen to sign their photos, draw anything on them and add emojis if you prefer.

Guests can apply various effects and filters to their photos before printing and sharing. Another unique features are the on glass games and interactive animations. Host of the parties can do screaming contest, this mirror booth has a cutting edge technology that everybody can enjoy.

Contact us today  and Let us take care of the Photo booth entertainment!