High School Graduation Gift Ideas for 2023

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One of the biggest accomplishments of any student is their graduation day; it is the day when they can enjoy and savor the fruit of their labor. For many parents, it is their pride and joy for their hard work sending their kids to school.

Graduation season is around the corner, and it is the best time to reward your high school students. To help you out, I compile different products and gifts you may like for your graduates. Buying a gift for your high school graduate kid takes a little time. My tip, ask them what they want first, what they want to do after graduation, and what their interest is. Something like this question will help you consider what kind of gift you will give them. Maybe they don’t like material things, like travel memories, then give them a gift of travel.

Top 10 Best High School Graduation Gifts

  • A College Fund Gift: Good Education is the best gift ever we can give to our kids, and they can only do this if we are prepared to send them to college, yes government funds are available, like Fafsa student loans, but getting cash money from their parents to pay their tuition fee is the best of all. They won’t worry about paying their tuition fees while in college.

  • Car: Buy them a car; if you are capable enough to give your kid a car, get one; this is perfect for them as they will enter into a new pace of life, their college life. Some students already own their car when they are sixteen, but for the graduates who don’t have their car yet, this is the best idea. They would appreciate it knowing that they can have a sense of freedom going to places they like, especially in the motor city and other states where public transportation is not accessible all the time. Yes, we have Uber and Lyft, but they are costly for them. And if you live in the countryside, this car service will not accept you if you hire one. Having a car on their own will make them happy. Parents just need to make sure that their teenagers must be good and responsible drivers.
  • A gift of Dorm Room/Boarding School: For a student starting a new pace of life in a new environment such as college and university is a big thing. For the students who live far from their chosen university would be a hassle, so it would be nice and convenient if they stayed in the dormitory or boarding school to focus on their studies. It will save you time and gas money every day, and it’s beneficial for your kid; they can learn how to be independent. It is a big expense if you don’t have a student loan, but your kid will surely appreciate it.
  • Travel Vacation Gift: Traveling is a good idea if your kid loves to go places. As your kid, where he/she wants to go that is on their bucket list.
  • Laptop: Buy your kid a new laptop; since they are getting ready for college, a reliable laptop is necessary for college students. A MacBook would be nice, or if they are not apple users, you can give them a surface pro.
  • New Phone: Teenagers are more tech-savvy, and giving them a new iPhone would be a good gift. Load it with Apps they like, and they will be the happiest.
  • Musical Instrument: For the music enthusiast, a gift of a musical instrument would be great, such as new guitar, portable organ, or drum set.
  • College Dorm Gifts to give your Future College Student: Your kid may need a set of new blankets and pillows, pajamas, books, personalized storage for their favorites, a Coffee Maker or Mini Espresso Maker, New pair of boots and shoes, clothes they like to have for everyday college life—bags such as shoulder bags, a new backpacks for their laptop.
  • Gift cards from their favorite store: College students like buying stuff, eating at their favorite restaurants, and having coffee dates with their besties or friends. A Kohl’s gift card, Macy’s, amazon gift card, and JCPenney. For coffee addicts, you may give Starbucks or Panera Bread Gift cards. Marathon of Speedway gift cards are also good options. They will have cards ready and save money if they have them handy.
  • Toiletries Package: For the new college students starting to build their new life, sometimes exciting but stressful at the same time. So, for the parents, getting this package would greatly help them. You can build a care package for them.

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