What Gadgets do we use in our Photo Booths?

Running a Photo Booth business is competitive; that’s why you need to update equipment and software and always come up with fresh ideas to improve your business. One example is the software upgrade; this is very important in running a photo booth; this is your business’s core. After upgrading it to the latest version, run the software in your photo booth a few days before your event, making sure the software is compatible with your computer applications, camera, and printer.

In our Photo Booths, we are using DSLR Canon Cameras, Alien Bees Flash, Photo Booth Software, DNP Printer, Touchscreen monitor, Lenovo PC, Adobe PhotoShop Elements for Template/Graphics Editing, Lightings for Green screen Backdrop and Extra camera cords, and Printer Cables.

On top of all these gadgets, prepare backup equipment for each one; it is all electronics; if a problem arises with your equipment during the event, at least you will have a replacement. Your clients are counting on you to have a fun day event; if your equipment malfunctions, you cannot do your event, and it will affect your business.

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