Photo Booth Set-Up at Baker`s of Milford

Last Saturday we were at the Baker`s of Milford for a  Class Reunion.  We  set up our photo booth at the corner of the hall. After we  set up everything and while we are waiting for the guests we  took some photos, and here it is.  This place was nice, spacious and foods are great.  Hoping  to  do more gigs  there  in the future.


Happy Snap at WSU “Future Docs Event”


We feel privileged to serve Wayne State University School of Medicine for their annual event. It is a community event where kids can join for an exciting day filled with fun and education,workshops, kids activities about medical and science. Who knows one of this kids become a successful doctor someday.  They had so much fun in our photo booth. Thumbs up WSU and WSU Mascot! You did a great job!

Hunters Ball 2012

Another successful event at the Huron Sportsman`s Club. It was a wonderful Christmas party, everyone had a great time and enjoyed the photo booth. Here are some photos taken from the booth.

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