Graduation Season:Class of 2017

Graduation season is fast approaching! Now is the time to start planning a graduation party. Looking for some ideas to do at your event? Consider having a Photo Booth to   capture fun moments with family and friends. We offer different types of Photo Booth that will surely be a hit at your party. Contact us and avail our Graduation Specials!2017-graduation

Newest addition to our Photo Booths: Modern, Interactive Touchscreen Photo Booth


This is our newest addition to our Photo Booths. Our modern and classy slimline photo booth, perfect for Photo Booth Open Air Setup for Weddings, Corporate parties, birthdays and other special event. What`s good in Photo Booth Open Air Setup? It allows guests to move and do poses creatively without being confined inside the Photo Booth enclosure. You can fit a lot more people in it and you won`t feel boxed like other booths. Suitable for step and repeat backdrop or any custom backdrop you want.

Check us out at the Rock the Veil Wedding Showcase


We are really excited to meet you at the Rock the Veil Wedding showcase at Farmers Market-Royal Oak, MI on March 12,2015 at 6:00 pm to 10:00 pm.

Come and see us there, a great opportunity to try our photo booth. We will be giving away discounts, sample photos, have a little chitchat to bride and groom and share ideas about how fun it is to have a photo booth on your wedding reception.

For more information about the show, visit

Thank you and see there!

It`s Graduation Time Again!

Graduation time is fast approaching. Planning  graduation parties   for your  children has a lot of work,  but before going to the planning you need to know how many guests you will be inviting. That will start from preparing your invitations and send it to them ahead of time, and from then on you`ll know how far you have to go for planning your meals and other fun things for your guests. You might be interested to the sample invitations below. Happy planning!

Custom Invitations

Tableware and Invitations

Black Graduation Cap and Tassel

Sweet 16 Birthday Party Ideas

It takes time to plan a party, there are many things that you need to consider, but one  important thing  is you want your special someone  to be happy. The list below might be of great help to plan your Sweet Sixteen Party.

Sweet Sixteen Birthday Party Ideas:

  1. Beach Party
  2. Dance Party
  3. Pool Party
  4. Masquerade Party
  5. Sweet 16 Pajama Party/Slumber Party
  6. Camping/Adventure Birthday Party
  7. Backyard Birthday Party
  8. Pamper Party/Pampering Party
  9. Sweet Sixteen Charity Party
  10. Watch Concert/Shows with Family & Friends

Looking for a party ideas? Try this.

Photos taken at the Graduation party in Sterling Heights,  we were amazed at the set up at the party.  The pink and white  combinations, the photo collages stacked on the trunk of the tree with matching balloon and other decorative things like the light, bird-cage hanging on the tree adds ambient to the party. We had our photo booth set up at the entrance which we found very convenient for the guests. Everything turned out good and, photos from the booth looks so stunning in the scrapbook they did. Thank you so much guys for having us!

(Photos taken from Android smart phone edited in Instagram)

Tips for Planning a Wedding

IMG_0005   1. Set the date of your wedding.Think of what is the best time (time, month   and year) for  you to get married, spring, summer and fall are the best time to get married!

2. Consider your budget, this will help you plan on what you can afford in planning your   wedding.

3. Compromise what kind of wedding you want to do.  Is it a Wedding in the Catholic Church, Christian Wedding, Non-denomination wedding, Civil Wedding or a Destination wedding.Plan it according to your religious orientations, cultures and traditions!

4. Apply for a Marriage license in your state or county.

5. Hire a Wedding planner if both of you are busy. Complete the lists of the bridal entourage, lists of guest for the invitations.You can order ready made invitations or you can make DIY invitations. You can sit together and talk about all the wedding details. If you cannot plan it personally because you are both busy with your job, plan it together online or over the phone.

6. Check around the prices of Wedding ring, Bridal Dress and Tuxedo. Make sure your wedding dress and your wedding rings will fit you. Decide who will pay for the dress of your Maid of Honor, Best Man, Bridesmaid, & Ring bearer. If the couple cannot provide the dresses for free for the entourage inform them to provide their own dresses.

7. Reserve the place for your wedding receptions at least 6 months to 1 year in advance.

8. Contact and set an appointment for your Photographers, Videographer, Hair stylists, Photo booth to spice up your wedding reception.

9. Check your lists if everything is all set and ready for the wedding to avoid problems in the actual wedding day.

10. Before your Wedding day get some beauty rest and do not be nervous. Wake up early on the day of the wedding for your Hair stylist and make-up,etc.

11. Check all the details during your Wedding Rehearsal to avoid problems on the actual day.

12. Be happy this is your special day. You will now be united in faith and in love. Enjoy your honeymoon!

Hope this helps to your wedding plans. Live your married life and make God as the center of your relationship.